The Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs) Project was commissioned by the Scottish Government to produce an e-learning resource which would enhance the educational opportunities for health and social care staff working with people affected by stroke.

The website aims to provide an interactive way of learning and uses quizzes, animations, video clips and case scenarios. There are assessments which the learner may opt to undertake and which, if passed, gives a certificate of completion.

The project is being led by Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland, NHS Education for Scotland and the University of Edinburgh and is supported by a national steering group of expert stroke clinicians.

In Scotland the STARs website provides a valuable additional resource to a comprehensive range of stroke education and training opportunities. Further information on these can be found on our Links and Resources page.

There are 5 levels to the STARs website; the Stroke Core Competencies, the Stroke Advancing Modules, the Thrombolysis Masterclass the Stroke4Carers website, and our newly developed SCoT Online website.

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Core Competencies sample object

This learning resource is based on the Stroke Core Competencies which were published by NES in 2005. It focuses on a wide range of core knowledge and skills required by all staff when delivering stroke care. Read more

Target audience:
In Scotland all staff working with people affected by stroke should undertake training in the NES Stroke Core Competencies and be able to provide evidence of this training. Read less

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Advancing Modules sample object

There are 19 Advancing Modules which provide a more specialised learning resource aimed primarily at registered staff working in stroke services.Read more

The target audience may include staff who:

  • have completed their Stroke Core Competencies training
  • wish to extend their stroke knowledge and skills
  • wish to refresh their existing stroke knowledge and skills
  • are responsible for providing training within their area
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Thrombolysis Masterclass CT scan

This Masterclass is aimed at senior staff who are involved in making the decision to treat with thrombolysis. The module consists of a series of virtual patient scenarios which focus on patient history, examination and imaging. Read more

The learner is asked to decide what treatment options they would choose and have the opportunity to compare their treatment decisions with selected experts and other learners who have completed the cases.

The target audience may include staff who:

  • Senior staff involved in making the decision to treat with thrombolysis
  • Staff who have completed the Thrombolysis Advancing Module and wish to extend their knowledge of thrombolysis
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Stroke4Carers photograph of mother and daughter

Stroke4Carers is a website for unpaid stroke carers, family and friends of anyone affected by stroke illness. Stroke4carers aims to give you free online advice, information and support whenever or wherever you need it. Read more

After consultations with stroke carers from across Scotland the following seven topics were chosen:

  • Stroke cause and effects
  • The hospital team
  • Practical advice and tips for carers
  • Care at home
  • Money, benefits and legal issues
  • Support for you the carer
  • Carers' rights
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CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

SCoT Online diagram

SCoT Online is an online format of the Stroke Competency Toolkit (SCoT) The interactive design will support your learning needs in stroke and assist you in providing evidence for developmental activities you have undertaken. Read more

It is based on the stroke core competencies developed by NHS Education for Scotland (2005).

  • For all staff working with people with, or at risk of stroke
  • For all members and levels of the multi disciplinary team
  • Aligned to the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF)
  • Supports your Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Evidence informal and formal learning activities
  • Evidence and achievement centrally documented
  • Core & specialising levels available
  • Built in tutorial on use
  • Interactive format saves TIME
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